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A song for Myla Goldberg [entries|friends|calendar]

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I can put a bow on me! [28 Dec 2003|11:28pm]
[ mood | creative ]

*I love wrapping presents. I don't know why. I'm not even good at it. I use too much tape and not enough paper and the thing looks ok, but i know i do it all wrong. But i get so much joy out of wrapping things up. I guess i'm excited to see if people like what i got for them. Maybe i should wrap things that i get myself, then unwrap them and pretend like it was a surprise. Sad? yes. Fun? probably. So, why not?*

*Bowling with Sarah was great as usual. I'm getting better now, but not nearly as good as i was in the summer. I'm in the 80s now. Its better then the 50s. I guess there is no turning pro anytime soon. Oh well. We saw Peter Pan and it explains everything about guys. We were making the wost comments throughout the whole movie... funny!*

*Spending Christmas Eve with my little cousins was amazing. They are the cutest things ever and i feel so good spending time with them. We all sat around singing christmas carols (regular and the Simpsons kind) and drinking and just having fun. I was totally jealous of all the presents that they had under the tree, but i guess i got that stuff when i was young. But, I never had a tree... so... it was kind of different. I had a very nice time.*

*I'm going up to boston for new years! can't wait!*

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Home again. [16 Dec 2003|01:19am]
[ mood | happy ]

*I'm back from school, sitting on my bed trying to think of what to write to sum up the past month. Basically, it was finals time and i was crazy for a bit writing papers and taking tests. But all that is done now. I can relax and read the books that i have stockpiled for such an occasion.*

*Keith came down to New York this weekend. We went to the Natural History Museum and saw a really cool show at the Planetarium. Thinking about the vastness of the universe makes me feel very insignificant, and places all these racing thoughts in my head. Looking at the projected stars were beautiful. I need one of those machines for my room. Although, it would take up all my floor space and i would then have no place to put all my clothing. Yeah, my room is messy already. I had a great time.*

*My tickets came in the mail today. Looking at them, i think its set in. I'm leaving for a long scary time. I'm very excited and plan on having lots of fun, but i just feel like i will be missing so much on the home front. When i was young, i could never fall asleep because i always thought there was something really amazing going on that i should be a part of. My mom went out and got me "Why Wimbley Fraggle Couldn't Sleep", A book about that famous fraggle afflicted with my same problem. Eventually, Wimbley realizes that everyone else is just sleeping, so he should go to sleep as well. Maybe i need a book called "Why Wimbley Fraggle Went to Scotland", that will help me feel better*

*Loving my fleece blanket.. be good

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Everybody at the Beach! [17 Nov 2003|08:34am]
[ mood | cold ]

*I'm totally on show burnout. Thursday was belle. Friday was crooked fingers/Azure Ray and yesterday was the show we booked on campus. I had a great time at each show, i'm just really tired right now*

*The show yesterday was amazing. Need New Body is a creative and nice bunch of guys. The Banjo player let me play his banjo when i told him i know how to play bluegrass. He later also looked in my mouth and played dentist when i told him i cracked my tooth. He sounded like he actually knew what he was doing, and he really liked looking into my mouth and making doctor noises "hurmm... hrmmm... i see" He even made me lean back on a chair and he put a scarf on me like that silly spit rag thing. They also liked the shirts that i make.. i had a conversation about linocouts with their bassist. I'm so happy that they were able to come, because they were just so fun to hang out with and really great to see live*

*Honestly, didn't pay attention to Ravin Klaim or Kicked in the Head. I needed to take a break so i ate more pizza. The kids seemed to like them though. The drummer from Kicked in the Head watched Transformers with us earlier... that rocks.*

*World Inferno Friendship Society was amazing as usual. Jack is just so entertaining to watch and he has an amazing voice. Hes also really friendly. Its too bad the school didn't like all the dancing... i dont know why they get all upset about it. It was friendly, not hostile. Bah!*

*Thanks to everyone who helped us out or just showed up for a good time. be good!*

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Nobody writes them like they used to so it may as well be me [14 Nov 2003|01:37pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

*Yesterday I went to see Belle and Sebastian with Keith. I had such a good time. The show was amazing. The opening band whose name i cant remember involved two girls on cello and a drummer. The music was really pretty. They got a really good guitar sound out of the cello and did some rocking things with it. But, the girls singing voice was painful at points.*

*Belle and Sebastian were amazing. They played Beautiful and Judy and the Dream of Horses. Its like they had a copy of every mix tape i ever made for someone. Cause chances is are if it had a b & s song on it, it would have been one of those two songs. They played some stuff off the new cd and thank goodness they did not play "dear catastrophe waitress" I really dont like that song. After the show i got to eat some really good food. yum. I cant wait until i have a kitchen. Pudding counts for dinner.. right?*

TO: Frat Boys and Sorority Girls
Subj: Trucker hats.
I guess you missed the first memo. Trucker hats are out. And especially if you wear them. The point is they were cheap funny hats bought at thrift stores worn by actual truckers and hipsters. They don't even work on most hipsters, except that one guy Sarah and I worked with this summer. And by definition they work for truckers. You buying hats from designers that cost 40 looses the point of the hat in the first place. The irony is lost on you.

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Feels like lightning running through my veins everytime i look at you [05 Nov 2003|10:04pm]
[ mood | excited ]

*Well i guess its a reality. I got my acceptance notice today. I booked my plane tickets this weekend. I guess the real things don't seem all so real most of the time.*

*Rich Girls on Mtv. I feel like i have met these girls before. Like they went to my high school. It just makes me mad that the stuff on that show doesn't seem that absurd to me. I wish it seemed absurd. I was just brought up with all that craziness and frivolity around me that it dosen't phase me anymore. I cannot imagine going into a clothing store and dropping 3,000 dollars on a hat and a pair of pants. Think of all the cds i could get! or pay off student loans and the whatnot! bah. I'm probably just jealous that i dont have a house in martinique.*

*Why am i listening to this much David Gray? why?*

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"Its when you have a non-epiphany, the moments when god lets you go from the scruff of your neck" [03 Nov 2003|11:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]

*Favorite books are like fleece blankets (especially my blue one with the stars on it- and if you don't know it.. come by and say hi.. its the softest thing ever). Reading it makes you feel warm and wrapped up in love. I re-read Bluebeard by Vonnegut this past week. Its my favorite Vonnegut and this was probably my third of fourth time reading it. It makes me feel so good to reconnect to characters i understand. or understand somewhat.I even took out a book on understanding the novels of Kurt Vonnegut today. I cannot wait to read that. Stamp my head with DORK now.*

*I am breaking out the flannel. 1994 is not dead and gone. Long live Soundgarden and Nirvana. Flannel is still cool. I don't care.*

*So tired. goodnight*

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*as far as kisses go.. it wasn't anything out of the ordinary* [02 Nov 2003|11:25pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

*Halloween is the best holiday. I wish everyday i could dress up as something else and not have to actually live my life. Just jump around from being a nurse, to a rockstar, to a zombie, to a cheerleader. But i guess that would get boring, and i would miss being myself. Maybe halloween should come once a month. That sounds about right*

*My Avril shot twice in the heart, twice in the stomach, and once right between the eyes was well received. People were very happy that someone disliked her enough to go as her dead. Its amazing how good of a bullet wound one can create with eyeliner and lip gloss.*

*On Saturday Art Attack and the Late Night Players did some theater in Harvard Square. It was fun to embarrass myself in front of all those people. We did our own version of the 7 deadly sins. It was fun to hang out with such a great group of people and it was nice that we weren't arrested for lack of a permit. And you people should go see the LNP at Improv Boston on Wednesdays this month. Should be very funny*

*Disco Down. Happy Birthday Sue! The 70s party was amazing. Everyone was dressed perfectly and the music was fantastic. I love the nightlife, I love to boogie. Yeah*

*I am tapping my feet and counting down for some unknown occurrence. probably the deadline for a paper. I hear it beating in my head. tap tap tap. Plus, im sick! I rock! be good.*

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We are Vagabonds we travel without seatbelts on we live that close to death [23 Oct 2003|08:10pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

*Colin Meloy is a beautiful person. His pictures don't due him justice, but his lyrics do.*

*Went to The Decemberists/Reverend Glasseye and his Wooden Legs show last night with Paul, Eric, and Kai. The Reverend was really fun. Kinda like world/inferno. lots of horns and yelling and people in the band who look like clergy.*

*The Decemberists were fantastic. Chris Funt was back after his whole broken leg thing. They played some new stuff, some stuff off her majesty, and some off of castaways. they covered Squeeze's "Up the Junction" which is one of my favorite songs of all time. I was screaming along. They also covered "every day is like a Sunday" and Colin did "Clementine " all by his very lonesome. Very good show. The bad thing about seeing a band where you like 98% of their songs and they only play for an hour is that you are never gonna hear all of what you want.*

*Holy midterms batman!... be good*

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I dont love you to death but I'd die if you left [19 Oct 2003|10:44pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

*Last night was one of the best shows i have ever been to. Beulah might be close to replacing the D-plan as my favorite live act (only because the d-plan is out of commission). First off, i was there with Paul and Meh who danced and sang along with me. After much yelling for Silver Lining, Meh, Paul, Seth D. and I were invited on stage to play percussion. It was so much fun shaking my tambourine and yelling about his punk rock girl. Plus, i got a kiss from sick Miles.. which was sweet. Then i got the set list and a nice note on my poster from Miles. I just had a dandy time*

*Thrifting with lee and Catherine was fun! too bad nothing fit me!*

*iTunes for windows is amazing. I'm still working out the finer points, but its really much better then any other program i have running. I just have to figure out how to play cds and streams through it. Then i will be set. The Office is very very funny. I can't wait to see lots and lots of strange british sitcoms. Blood Simple is a very disturbing movie... yet very very good.*

*I'm going to bed, because yet again, my stomach does not agree with me. Be good!*

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You're such a lightweight after all.... [09 Oct 2003|03:26pm]
[ mood | happy ]

*Last night i had a dream that Bill Murray cannot do a movie unless Joe Lo Truglio is on the set. Like, next to the chair with with his name on it, Joe Lo Truglio must be there. Awaiting his every move. Kinda like a life coach. Joe would make Oprah very proud. I rather have Joe instead of Dr. Phil anyway. I have no idea how i connected the two, or even if people remember who Joe Lo Truglio is. Sometimes i just freak myself out with the things i come up with*

*Weebl and Bob might just be the funniest flash cartoon aside from those strong bad emails you kids are hip to these days. Lo pie!*

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[05 Oct 2003|06:21pm]

You are strong and tough and proud of it.

Which Transformer Are You?
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*some had crawled their way into your heart, to rend its ventricles apart* [28 Sep 2003|06:14pm]
[ mood | blah ]

*I've been so busy. I dont know where my time goes. It probably likes to leave while im sleeping and my head is covered by the blanket. Yeah.. thats when time sneaks away from me.*

*I had a wonderful dinner on friday with bianca, caitlin, cameron and allen. Vietnamese food and ice cream and cd shopping. it was wonderful. I really like harvard square sometimes, even though its this horrible monument to consumerism and wealthy college students. But at least there is music outside and street performers and punks by the T.*

*I think in the past two weeks i have had some deep conversations with myself, out of which, i think i now understand myself better. I needed to take stock of things in my life and put things in proportion. things that i though meant nothing to me, really did mean a lot. and things that i was worried about, i realized shouldn't have been a concern at all.*

*There was this odd fuzzy gray bug in our common room yesterday. It rippled, as Nissa likes to say. We are afraid there are more of them under our couch and that they might bite us and make us ich. Silly East bugs... don't they know they are in the wrong quad?*

*earlier this week i saw a girl dive onto the grass to get out of the way of a lawn mower that was going at 1 mile an hour. It looked like she was diving onto a live grenade, and the lawn mower was still 20 feet behind her. The guy working the lawn mower gave me a confused look. I gave one back to him.. i had no idea what happened.*

*I ran up and down the steps in a sweatshirt like rocky as flying high now played in the background.*

*Be good

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[17 Sep 2003|11:20am]
You are whats Her Face. You let a possum attack
you. Youve been beat my an alien and something
always hurts. Your a loser. You dont have a
chance with any guy. Stop shopping in junkyards
and thirft stores and maybe your friends will
like you more.

Which Teen Girls Squad Member are you?
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if i could only get to oceanside.... [14 Sep 2003|01:16pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

*The day spent at the lake house with Weldon, Rachel and Elana was very much fun. We put too many people in a canoe, and i was spazzing over the possibility of it tipping over. We collected pond flowers and made a bouquet. We created phallic things in the sand and went swimming in the lake. Watched the cuteness that is weldon's sister and her boyfriend. Then we went blueberry picking! It was perfect*

*cheese and blueberries together taste really really good. Especially while listening to "peaches" by the presidents of the united states of america*

*the little shin dig was fun last night. My suite is so super cool.*

*I saw people making out on the grass late last night. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a bicycle. wtf?*

*this person better take his stuff out of the dryer... because i want to get a move on! Be good*

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<3 [12 Sep 2003|09:05pm]
*John Ritter and Johnny Cash. Oh pop-culture how you took a major blow today*
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I would like to think this is only a matter of chance. [10 Sep 2003|11:34pm]
I have watched magnolia so many times that it won't rewind in my vcr anymore.

My favorite movie doesn't even want to comfort me.

I really do have love to give, I just don't know where to put it.

I played Badminton tonight with Helen and went undefeated.

There is no stopping us. We rock.

It was not uncommon to threaten each other with a shotgun.

Koalas get syphilis. A lot. I did not know that. Lauren informed Michelle and me.

I guess Mitch Hedberg won't be hugging Koala's anymore. And they are mean.
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You wanted me to write you letters, But I rather lose your address [08 Sep 2003|11:35pm]
[ mood | naughty ]

*Today at dinner, my suitemates and i had to share a table with some freshman because the dining hall was full. I love listening to other peoples conversations, so this gave me a good opportunity to do so. One guy was saying how he finally saw east quad for the first time today. Then he went on to explain that he has not been to west or south quads yet. wtf? then he asked the girls he was with where he could find those places, and the girls tried to give him directions to these fictitious living areas. "no no... its kinda past the art building by the woods by that other road, no no down the street by the train" Do we give kids a map of campus? I just wanted to beat them, but instead i made a nice brownie sunday with hot fudge... that will show them*

*Its odd.. i have such a distorted self image. I my head, i don't look like i do when i look in the mirrors. Sometimes if i stare long enough, im totally surprised by the person looking back at me. For some reason i see myself as a really tall skinny girl with bad posture and stringy light blond hair. I have no idea why. Just thought i would share that... for no reason at all*

*why are there high healed shoes that look like converse all stars? why oh why? you can't play basketball in high heals. Its just... illogical. And Hugh Grant is a tool. And that guy took the woman over money... i would always take the money. Does that mean i suck?*

*be good*

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Don't Don't Don't Don't Stop the beat..... [06 Sep 2003|01:51am]
[ mood | artistic ]

*Sue's BBQ was wonderful. I love sitting outside on a blanket watching people do the mingling thing. It was a perfect night, honestly couldn't have been any more beautiful. Wet Hot American Summer is still a very amazing movie. I always love to hear what people think about it. I feel tempted to call up some of my old camp buddies and talk to them, because i feel that we kind of lived that movie in a way. Except for the whole 1981 thing.*

*I took one of those stupid online quizzes about "how pick-upable are you" well.. apparently im horrible and i'm a bitch that i'm not approachable at all. I think thats crazy.. considering most of the time i'm this crazy outgoing ball of energy... but i dont know.. maybe they are right.. damn you internet for knowing me better then i know myself*

*I get to sleep past 7:50 tomorrow morning... i cannot wait... be good*

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If you start with he loves you on a four petal flower.. he won't [02 Sep 2003|12:26am]
[ mood | lethargic ]

*The rock n' roll club table at the activities fair went very well. we got a lot of signatures and met some cool people. Hopefully this year we can get some good stuff organized... and if we don't.. i will just blame it on matt.*

*I still don't know what classes i am going to wind up taking, and i know i should work on that, but i am lacking in motivation. I might drop war and the possibilities of peace... just because it seems like a bunch of other classes i have already taken here... but... gordy is so good. thats a problem*

*No matter how long you are gone.... sherman still smells the same and mi tierra with friends is the best thing ever. ahhh.. tamalitos and my girlies!*

*This has been a weekend filled with parties and seeing people that i missed this summer. Its been very nice.*

*Is it me, or is there more of the seniors from last year staying around campus then ever before?*

*be good*

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Did his hand in your hair feel a lot like a thing you believe in [28 Aug 2003|12:07am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

im back.

its wonderful.

i love it here.

more later.

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